5 months ago

What Should You Expect from a Professional Property Management Company?

For first-time clients, it is difficult to know what you should expect as standard from a property management company. To rule out any companies that try to sell you short, it is critical that you know what you should be receiving as a minimum.


6 months ago

The Differences Between Commercial and Residential Property Management

When researching property management companies, you’ll notice that they fall into two categories: commercial and residential. There are major differences between the two — and only by choosing the right one for your needs will you rece read more...

7 months ago

Reasons You Shouldn’t Manage Your Investment Property Yourself

After purchasing an investment property, you’re likely looking for ways to maximize your profits. One idea you may have is to manage your property yourself instead of hiring a

9 months ago

What to Ask Before Hiring a Manager for a Condo or Commercial Property

For property owners, good property management is a must-have. However, finding a good property manager (company or team) can be complicated. The hiring process should be so thorough that you hire the most reputable, capable manager. Fortunately, t read more...

11 months ago

The Responsibilities of a Professional Property Manager

For real estate investors, good property management could be the key to success. This is because the property manager has a diverse role with many duties – all designed to maximize the investor’s ROI (return on investment). However, to read more...

1 year ago

How You Will Benefit from a Property Management Company

Whether you want to focus your time on running your business or you just want to avoid dealing with problems, using a commercial property read more...